A Different Fulfillment Experience

“Warehousing and logistics shouldn’t be a commodity, but a service that can surprise and delight customers.”

Tyler Allgaier
CEO, Pitted Logistics

A Unique Vantage Point

The Pitted Labs Story

Founded in 2016, Pitted Labs is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions and consultation services for brands on Amazon and other emerging e-commerce marketplaces. Pitted Labs has a proven track record of increasing revenue, profit, and ratings/reviews for our clients by providing excellent service, working hard, having an entrepreneurial focus, and utilizing internal collaboration. Pitted Labs currently serves numerous clients in a variety of industries ranging from grocery to personal care to fashion.

Pitted Labs Clients

Broken Fulfillment Exposed

Uncovering The Dark Side of Warehouse & Fulfillment

With the rise of e-commerce over the past few years, many cracks were exposed in how traditional 3PLs were managing and fulfilling orders. Like Grandpa trying to use tik-tok to stay current, these industry titans were unable to keep pace with the growing demands of businesses shifting their focus to online marketplaces. As a result, many of these companies were hindered in their ability to scale. Sound familiar?

Filling The Need

A Service-First Approach to Fulfillment

After doing a deep dive into what today’s online businesses were faced with, our team went to work on building a different fulfillment experience – One that would put an emphasis on surprising and delighting the brands we serve. Pitted Logistics was born out of love and a lot of listening.

A Brighter Future

Not Just a Fulfillment Company

Pitted Logistics is committed to serving our clients to the highest level of service possible. We are technology-driven, service-oriented, people-focused, and stay on the bleeding edge of industry trends. Unlike traditional 3PLs, we are actively engaged in all aspects of the e-commerce world through our sister companies and proprietary technology, Pitted Labs, Pitted Ventures, and Atlas. This enables us to be a complete partner to your success beyond just fulfillment.

Core Services

Pick & Pack

Utilize our system and process to pick, pack, and ship products for you. If you have any kitting needs don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

FBA Prep

We were born in the space of Amazon. Allow our team of trained experts to prepare your FBA shipments according to Amazon’s strict guidelines.

Subscription Boxes

Our team can handle your subscription box fulfillment needs. We offer the best subscription fulfillment services.

Retail Distribution

Whether you need us to ship by the case, pallet, or freight, we’ve got it. Because we are EDI compliant, we’re able to accommodate any retailer’s requests.

Product Storage

We offer competitive storage rates. Let us store your product and keep you up-to-date on inventory levels. Lot numbers, expiration dates, serial numbers? No problem.

Product Kitting

We’re not “kitting around” when we say we can help with any type of special projects or multipack kitting thrown our way.

Highly Recommended!

“Switching our Amazon fulfillment to Pitted Logistics has been a tremendous help in keeping our orders streamlined. The Pitted team is on top of all the constantly changing “Amazon rules” and has excellent communication. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking for help with fulfillment… Amazon or anything else!”

Andee Bell, CEO
Super Training Products Inc.

3PL Fulfillment

To Support Your E-commerce Business

From incredible customer service, to complete warehouse automation. Pitted Logistics is here to be an extension of your brand. We provide fulfillment services for a variety of industries.

Healthy & Household

Home & Kitchen

Toys & Games

Food & Beverage

Beauty Products

Vitamins & Supplements

Sporting & Outdoor

Pet Products